Tourism Brand

The Murraylands means business when it comes to tourism - the benefits of tourism spread across the community as a driver for economic development and boasts the unique attribute of instilling a sense of place and pride for people to live, work, play, proposer and visit.

Working with Director of Marketing and Communications from the South Australian Tourism Commission, the Murraylands Tourism Partnership has reviewed the Murraylands regional ‘brand’ as a tourism destination.

Destination Tourism Branding: Project Outline


  • Murraylands Tourism Partnership ‘brand’ workshops
  • Tourism Development Manager engagement with industry/community/stakeholders over 12 month period
  • Audit of available research and the current regional brand identity

Destination tourism ‘vision’ – for each region we looked at:

  • Positioning and points of distinctiveness
  • What is the current understanding of visitors/consumers?
  • What is important to visitors/consumers?
  • Brand elements: role, attributes, values, benefits
  • Application – what will we do with the brand?

Brand Name

Murray River, Lakes & Coorong

Brand Icon

Linking the waters of the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong is the iconic Pelican which boasts a long history of cultural significance in Australia. The Pelican is a social bird typically travelling in flocks, complementing the social and connected experiences one can have in the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong region. Due to the pelican’s buoyancy they cannot sink, which holds true to the people of the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong region.


Brand Ladder

Brand positioning:    Immersion

Brand attributes:     Wetlands, wildlife, water, conservation parks

Brand benefit:         Visitors will feel immersed in nature

Brand role:             To be the affordable, accessible ‘water’ playground

                              experience for SA’s

Brand word:            Water (nature to be an undertone to include off-water activities)

Campaign theme:      Pause/Play


Brand Statement

The Murray River, Lakes & Coorong is Adelaide’s opportunity to escape for an accessible and affordable getaway – a weekend of water sports or exploring the Coorong, or a houseboat experience (or visit Monarto Zoo!) A large proportion of the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong accommodation is shacks, caravanning and camping, which is indicative of a family focus. It’s not necessarily about a high end experience, it’s a change for people to spend time together (mates water skiing, families houseboating or just getting away to the shack)

Brand Personality

  • Adventure (Monarto Zoo, trekking, bush walking, canoeing)
  • Eco-Tourism (Nature, culture, history, indigenous, conservation parks)
  • River Cruising (houseboat, paddle steamer, cruises)
  • Sports (water sports, motorsports, fishing, human powered vehicles, horseracing and golf)
  • Food and Wine (MB Farmers market, Coorong mullet, Murray Cod, all the ingredients on a pizza)

Brand Word Bank

Brand Phrases

Easily accessible and only an hour’s drive from Adelaide.

There is little in life more rewarding than feeling the relaxing rhythm of the Murray River as it flows slowly on its journey to the ocean.

From its source in the Snowy Mountains in NSW, the Murray River and surrounding Mallee areas enters the unique natural environment of the Lakes and Coorong on its way to the Southern Ocean via the famous Murray Mouth.

The uniquely Australian landscape of the Murray River, combined with the haunting beauty of the Mallee.

Boasting an assortment of unique plants and animals, this diverse marine habitat, the Coorong is where the Murray River meets the sea and is a remarkable place to visit.

To build a united and consistent regional tourism brand, we encourage you to use the brand and logo identity kit for the region to help promote your business, the region and reinforce the quality, iconic region of the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong.