Destination Riverland

Destination Riverland is the peak regional tourism body in the Riverland of South Australia. Destination Riverland was established in October 2011 and immediately set about developing a 3 year Strategic Plan to grow tourism and boost our economy by increasing visitor numbers to this great river tourism region.

The vision for Riverland tourism is — “Confidence in tourism investment and excellence in tourism operations.

The Board of Destination Riverland is now proud to introduce the Riverland Tourism Plan 2020 to the Riverland tourism industry and its stakeholders at a time when tourism in our region is growing.

The Riverland tourism region has the opportunity to build on its achievements and rival the great food, wine and nature destinations of the world. 

The Riverland Tourism Plan 2020 will support the Riverland tourism economy to achieve potential expenditure of $216 million per annum by 2020 and help maintain a resilient and diverse regional economy less dependent on water extraction from the Murray River. 

The Riverland Tourism Plan 2020 is a five year plan that aligns with the South Australian Tourism Plan 2020