Murraylands Food Alliance

The Murraylands Food Alliance (MFA) is a collective of the Murraylands biggest food producers, processors and manufacturers. Collectively the MFA Members produce more than 48 per cent of the Murraylands gross regional product.

MFA members, see an opportunity in collaborating to develop strategies which will increase the competitiveness of the Murraylands Food Industry. Collectively we directly employ more than 3,300 staff with flow on effects resulting in an additional 1,700 jobs in the region.

Members are involved in different aspects of the food value chain. From primary production of animal and horticultural product, to value adding food manufacturers, packers, processors, wholesalers and retailers; all of whom combine to generate local jobs in the region and provide food to national and international markets.

All members agree that the Murraylands is a great place to do business. The level of industry support, available infrastructure and community have all contributed to their individual success. Nevertheless the pressures of today’s business environment mean that there is a need to be vigilant in looking for ways to improve their individual and collective competitiveness, and as a result members see value in being part of the MFA.

MFA members have high potential for growth and ambitions for the next five years are strong. Current estimates

indicate a combined growth rate of 22.7 per cent or a compound growth of 4.2 per cent. This will see the MFAs direct output from the region increase from $910.5 million to around $1.1 billion.

Murraylands Food Alliance members are strongly committed to increasing the competiveness of the Murraylands Region and ensuring the Murraylands develops a reputation as premium producer of clean green food and wine.


MFA's Workforce Innovation Project

The Murraylands Food Alliance (MFA) has identified that their biggest barrier to growth is workforce availability. To find out the specific issues the MFA members are facing the MFA has received funding from the Department of State Development and the Department of Primary Industries to fund the MFA’s Workforce Innovation Project. 

RDAMR has engaged the services of consultants, Strategon Capital Pty Ltd, specialists in Business Innovation advice, Organisation and Workforce Development, to undertake a Workforce Development and Human Resource Management review and analysis for Murraylands Food Alliance (MFA) members. 

The analysis stage of the Workforce Innovation Project commenced in late November 2015, with the consultants already active in interviews in the Murraylands region. They are required to provide recommendations that will result in the freeing up of an available workforce to support future Food Industry growth in the Murraylands.

The project is expected to provide the individual members of the Murraylands Food Alliance with ideas and suggestions on enhancing their workforce management, and collectively provide the MFA with informed data that can support growth and development through innovative practices and actions to be taken collectively such as advocacy, funding applications, pilot schemes in training or migration for example, for the region. The recommendations will provide a plan for action for the coming years. The consultants are expected to report by end February 2015.

Apart from representatives of the companies, local stakeholders in the community in education, employment, economic development, social services and government are being interviewed to discover their views of barriers to local employment and retention of suitable workers.

The consultants are also keen to hear confidentially from employees of the member companies, both present and past, so they can hear their views of local and regional barriers, employment conditions, and things they like or don’t, about working in the food sector and the Murraylands. Views from employees will be gathered anonymously via an electronic survey administered by the consultants, with only the consultants seeing the returned responses. 

Interested persons should contact Wendy Taylor, Strategon’s Project Manager at for a link to the survey.