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First Steps towards a Murray Bridge Business Alliance


Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR) in conjunction with the Rural City of Murray Bridge and various existing business groups in the region have joined forces to work towards developing a Murray Bridge Business Alliance (MBBA).

In an exciting and positive move, the working group is the first step towards building a stronger business community, and brings together a range of local business organisations and the council who have committed to working together to broaden the region’s business reach.

Initially brought together by the RDAMR who convened the first workshop, the alliance working group brings together 2 members from the Rural City of Murray Bridge council, in addition to local business group leaders from the Murray Bridge Business and Tourism, Bridge Central Traders and Murraylands Enterprise Estate Traders.

The initial meeting was held to determine the level of interest from local business groups and council for the development of such an alliance to deliver key objectives for the region, and the result was a resounding yes.

“Through our work in the region, we know we have a diverse range of small to large businesses each with their own needs, but all working towards a more profitable and sustainable future for Murray Bridge. We saw the MBBA as an opportunity to unite our business community towards this common goal, enabling us to collaboratively address the challenges of our region and act as a united voice on relevant issues”, said RDAMR Chief Executive Jo Podoliak.

The alliance work group is seen as a crucial step forward in the development of the region’s business community, with the proposed MBBA offering the potential for closer collaboration and participation with private sector businesses. With the aim to create a vibrant and prosperous Murray Bridge, the MBBA will be critical in developing confident and innovative local businesses and business leaders.

“Collaboration between businesses throughout Murray Bridge is vital to promoting the region and raising its profile. This united front will also be essential in working with other industry and government bodies to achieve our collective aims”, said John Beauchamp, Business Central Traders.

“As a group we can better provide tailored value-adding services to enable businesses and their leaders to grow through targeted training, promotions, education and networking opportunities, and we are committed to pursuing this alliance for the future benefit of the region”, said Steve Burgess, Murraylands Enterprise Estate Traders.

“We see the alliance as an exciting and vital step forward in the development of the Murray Bridge business community. A united force to represent and support all the current 1,000 plus businesses in our region will ensure we see a vibrant, growing and innovative business community in the years ahead.”, said Stephen Walker, Murray Bridge Business and Tourism.

The alliance working group will continue to meet on a regular basis to develop a business and marketing plan, member value proposition and financial requirements of the MBBA prior to being launched in the first quarter of 2017.