Regional Diversification

1.  A Strong Economic Base

      1.1 Identify Economic Diversification opportunities within the region

      1.2 Attract and support new and renewed investment in the region

      1.3 Capitalise on the opportunities afforded through the utilisation of the

            State brand

      1.4 Promotion of regional opportunities

2. Regional infrastructure that facilitates growth

      2.1 Advocate for effective regional transport infrastructure

      2.2 Identify and Develop Industry zones to assist with investment 


      2.3 Continue the strategy to unlock and activate stranded/unused assets

3. A region that capitalises on digital opportunities

      3.1 Support implementation of Digital Strategy

      3.2 Undertake ‘A smarter digital region’ Project

4. Strong Stakeholder relationships

      4.1 Collaboration and innovation to support a sound future for the RDA

      4.2 Maintain involvement in strategic community forums

      4.3 Regularly develop and deliver reports to key funding partners

            to demonstrate value on investment

      4.4 Develop and maintain communication materials to keep stakeholders

            informed of RDA programs and initiative