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United Dairy Products Closure


UDP closed this month leaving more than 130 staff and contractors suddenly out of work. Behind the scenes RDA MR has been working with businesses who had expressed interest in buying the operation and are continuing to work with these investors to achieve the best outcome for the local dairy processing industry and the infrastructure at Murray Bridge and Jervois.

Optimism can remain high for the former UDP staff as the region has strong growth intentions. The last Murraylands Jobs Growth and Investment Forecast for 2014-2016 predicted jobs growth in the region of more than new 2,378 jobs over the period. Industries poised for growth include Agriculture (562 jobs); Manufacturing (492 jobs); Retail (342 jobs); Construction (266 jobs); Hospitality (162 jobs); Transport/Logistics (114 jobs); as well as opportunities in health, education and business.
Support for UDP staff and contractors is available through the RDA’s Career Development Service provided through Murray Bridge based Jobs Service Agency, MADEC. MADEC can assist with career planning and guidance, resume preparation and assistance to identify and access training opportunities. Due to the high interest in this service RDA MR is working with DSD to gain additional assistance to reduce service waiting times.