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Age: 2 yrs

Give, Gain and Grow with the CDC!


The CDC delivers the Give, Gain, Grow program to participants in the Riverland region, to provide participants with the skills and tools for personal development.

The Career Development Centre (CDC), which is a part of Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR), is tasked with the role of assisting individuals to achieve their career goals.

Part of this process involves providing targeted training, such as personal development, to equip individuals with the skills and confidence that they need to move forward with their career aspirations. 

Give, Gain & Grow is one such program which was recently held in Loxton over a six week period, and took nine participants along the journey of gaining skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to manage life, learning and their individual careers. The course was provided free of charge by the CDC and included people who were currently underemployed, those returning to work and those looking for a change in career direction.  

Throughout the six weeks participants were taken on the journey of uncovering their true skills and abilities, in addition to providing them with various tools and resources and the confidence that they need to move forward with their personal. 

At the end of the program participants were pleased to report that they had learnt a lot about themselves and how they relate to others, in addition to understanding how values and beliefs can influence your life and career decisions.  They also felt more confident in themselves and their abilities, which was key in motivating them to self-manage their future career action plans. Participants were also provided with the tools and assistance to develop a professional resume and cover letter which is key in their career planning needs.

The program was run by Rachel Thiele from the Career Development Centre and Sheree Cameron from MiFreedom Coaching.

“Delivering a personal development program takes a lot of time and thought, however as a career development practitioner seeing the results within each participant far outweighs the work taken to develop it” said Rachel Thiele, Career Development Practitioner. 

The Give, Gain, Grow Program is held at various times throughout the year, so please contact Rachel Thiele from the CDC Riverland on (08) 8580 8500 if you are interested in participating in a future session.