Overview of Export & Food

Current gross food revenue estimates of the Murraylands & Riverland region stand at $2.1 billion of South Australia’s $15 billion annual production.

Gross Food Revenue takes into account the value of farm production, food value-adding, processing, packing and distribution, as well as food service and retail sales.

The Murraylands and Riverland currently produce more than 50% of South Australia’s broiler chickens and host the only state-based broiler chicken hatchery. The region produces more than 50% of the state’s pork production and there are opportunities to expand upon these industries as well as beef and lamb feed lotting opportunities. RDA M&R continues to actively seek expansion in the intensive animal industries.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Agricultural Commodities: Small Area Data 2005/06 report compared to the total South Australian production the region produces:
-    37% of the state’s vegetables
-    58% of the state’s fruit production
-    52% of the state's total value of grapes,
-    18% of the total value of cereals for grain,
-    99.94% of the total value of oranges,
-    58% of the total value of potatoes,
-    28% of the total value of milk,
-    89% of the total value of almonds, and
-    20% of the states livestock products and slaughtering’s

Manufacturing in the region is largely based on adding value to primary production via processing and packaging of fruit and vegetables, wine production, production of farming machinery and associated light engineering.