5. A Technology smart region

       5.1 Encourage businesses to embrace technology

       5.2 Develop of Injury clusters/networks especially in key regional industries such

             as manufacturing and value adding

       5.3 Innovation in advanced manufacturing, food and beverage production

             and value-add processing

6. Strong prosperous Regional Industries

       6.1 Active support of Tourism Organisations and their objectives

       6.2 Liaise with regional industry groups

       6.3 Investigation of issues affecting the future of the primary

             Industries sector via the ‘WFPI’ Project

       6.4 Prosperous business and industry sectors

7. Efficient and innovative water & environmental management systems

       7.1 Support of the River Murray Improvements Program to meet the needs

            of the Murraylands & Riverland community

       7.2 Continue support industry to develop world leading water management


       7.3 Partner with Environmental Agencies to represent industry in environmental