Jobs without water 2006-2008

The Jobs Without Water project made it to the finals of the South Australian Works in the Regions Awards in November 2008. The project was a finalist in the Outstanding Project category, which assisted up to 80 job seekers and placed 33 into continuing employment.

The project was originally launched to meet the skills development and employment challenges facing the community in times of drought.

The Jobs Without Water project was an initiative of the Government of South Australia and as a South Australia Works in the Regions project, was delivered in partnership with the Murraylands Regional Development Board. It was developed to provide localised, strategic labour market advice and support to both employers and job-seekers of the Murraylands region in response to the changing dynamics of the regional labour market.

The Murraylands economy is diverse and extensive, but suffering critically from the drought with the most adversely affected industry being agribusiness, with the direct result being lost jobs on a significant scale.

The ‘Jobs Without Water’ project supported job seekers that fit into what we call the gap, where they do not qualify for Job Network Support (in particular the farming community) and this project successfully supported 86 job seekers into employment.

Even though there were redundancies as agriculture businesses were in survival mode and reducing stock numbers, there were other sectors within the Murraylands region that were experiencing strong growth. The project was been able to successfully link numerous job seekers (in particular the farming community) to a broad range of various job vacancies and career opportunities.

Project objectives:

  • Support employers to both understand and prepare themselves for the changing dynamics of the regional labour market
  • Support job seekers (particularly the farming community) to increase their awareness of employment and career opportunities
  • Collect, provide and maintain independent labour market advice for the Murraylands region
  • Work with all Job Networks, local employers and decision makers to support the region through times of drought.

The Jobs Without Water project was built on the success of the LEO (Linking Employment Opportunities) Project which was developed in 2006 to support employers to prosper in a time of low unemployment and high job creation.

Whereas, the ‘Jobs Without Water’ project had been developed to sustain the Murraylands community through a period of conflicting stress created by business retraction (due to drought) and business growth (emergence of new industry types).

To-date, the ‘LEO’ (Linking Employment Opportunities) and ‘Jobs Without Water’ projects, have achieved outstanding results for the Murraylands. These projects have resulted in placing 86 job seekers into employment through employer education strategies with over 200 regional businesses.

Job prospects were identified in the ‘Time Tracker’ document which provided businesses with ongoing labour market advice and employment opportunities in spite of drought conditions. 

We look forward to providing continued support of the region.