Lower Murray Flood Plain Project - Stage 1

About the Project:

Stage 1 of the Lower Murray Flood Plain Report involved the development of the Lower Murray Flood Plain Land Use Study and Development Plan Review.

The project was initiated in response to the 2010 Report from the Future of the Lower Murray Swamps Group. The Report made 6 recommendations for the sustainable future of the Swamps (Floodplain). Two of these recommendations included the need for an assessment of alternative uses of the floodplain including economic studies of options for management of the Swamps as a system and for farm management and a review of planning requirements for the swamps.

It took 3 years to secure funding for the project and in December 2012 URPS was awarded the consultancy.

Project Objectives:

A. To identify future viable land use opportunities for the Lower Murray floodplain which will deliver the best economic, environmental and social outcomes for this valuable natural resource.

B. To review the current development plans relevant to the floodplain and identify necessary changes that will guide local government planning and policy instruments to:

- Provide a consistent approach to governance, planning and policy across the partner Councils, and

- Plan for a sustainable mix of future land uses (as identified in A above) that:

  • Improve amenity, enhance tourism and recreational uses of the floodplain
  • That are compatible with and allow for future development of primary production, and
  • That provides for the identification and protection of important areas of conservation significance

Project Outcomes:

Recommendations of the Report:

  1. Formalise a strategic vision for the Lower Murray Flood Plain
  2. Protect and effectively manage essential infrastructure
  3. Proactively support and engage in strategic and targeted Economic Development initiatives
  4. Consider specific amendments to the Murray Mallee Regional Plan, South Australian Planning Policy Library Modules, and local Development Plans