Murraylands & Riverland Region

RDA Murraylands & Riverland covers eight local government regions.  Traversing along the Murray River in South Australia across to the Coorong and then east to the Victorian Border.

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Carbon Farming Maps

To support regional development of Agro-forestry RDA M&R initiated the Murraylands & Riverland Agro-forestry Working Group in 2008. Their focus has been upon the multiple benefits of forestry in adding value to traditional farming activities. More recently their focus has been upon the emerging carbon economy.

To support development of Agro-forestry and carbon capture projects the RDA M&R commissioned SAMRIC Pty. Ltd. (now Mapping Services Australia) -specialists in the field of GIS mapping – to develop maps of soil types, rainfall patterns and vegetation prospects for the Murraylands region in 2009. These maps are available below.