Initiative to attract Migrants

The Murraylands & Riverland welcomes migrants to our region. RDA M&R has been working with Dream Australia to develop a video showcasing our region and the story of a family who has migrated to our region. The video has already received numerous hits and generated a great deal of interest.

The Murraylands & Riverland has long been home to a strong migrant community. From the arrival of Italians who settled throughout the region following WWII to the more recent arrival of Chinese, Indian and Philippine residents, the blend of cultures has made for a vibrant and dynamic community.

Our region has a range of employment opportunities for which we seek intra-state, interstate and international migration - from professional services such as General Practitioners and Engineers to labouring positions in food production and processing.

The recent collaboration with Dream Australia to develop a video that provides an overview of the lifestyle and employment opportunities in the region will assist to develop our regional profile as an ideal location to ‘live, work and play’. 

Migration to Murraylands and Riverland Region

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Migrant Success Story, Murraylands

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Migration Agents in our Region

List of Migration agents in our region