Murray River Lakes & Coorong Tourism Alliance (MRLCTA)

The Murray River Lakes & Coorong Tourism Alliance (MRLCTA), formally, The Murraylands Tourism Partnership (MTP), was established in 2016 by its regional tourism stakeholders; Rural City of Murray Bridge, Coorong District Council, Mid Murray Council, Alexandrina Council and Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR) as a Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO).  

The MRLCTA is auspiced by Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland and through a funding agreement with the above mentioned Councils and South Australian Tourism Commission employs a Tourism Development Manager (TDM).

MRLCTA is responsible for the holistic development of tourism, including marketing and promotion, and advocacy in the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong region. MRLCTA takes a destination management approach to the development of tourism in the region to consolidate and build the visitor economy. MRLCTA plays an important role in consolidating the strategic direction of the tourism industry for the region. 

MRLCTA provides core resources to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between industry (both tourism and non-tourism), all levels of government, community groups and relevant industry associations to optimise the economic value of tourism in the region. 

The core focus areas for MRLCTA are: 

  • Destination marketing: Ensure effective communication with potential visitors to influence their destination preference, intention to travel and ultimately their final destination and product choices. This should include broad representation of the regional tourism product;
  • Destination development: Coordination and development of amenities, facilities, products and services that support the region to deliver quality experiences for visitors and enhance residents well-being; and 
  • Destination management: Coordination of tourism, industry, government and community leaders in planning for the future and management of the region as a destination.