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Producers in Residence Program


RDAMR in collaboration with Destination Riverland, Murray River, Lakes & Coorong Tourism Alliance and the Murraylands Food Alliance are working together to provide local producers from the Murraylands and Riverland region with the opportunity to showcase their produce at the Adelaide Central Markets through the Producers in Residence Program.

The program will highlight our regions producers at a stall in the Central Markets over a 3-week period from the 4 – 22 July 2017, during the main trading days (Tues / Thurs / Fri and Sat). A thriving food mecca, the Adelaide Central Markets attracts over 8.5 million visitors every year and is a tourist attraction in its own right.

The Producers in Residence Stall at the Central Market will focus on highlighting the premium food and wine that is grown, produced and manufactured along South Australia’s Murray River and surrounding lands. As the state’s largest food bowl, the Murraylands and Riverland region produces 34% of the state’s Gross Regional Product through primary production.

The Producers in Residence programme aims to provide a platform to communicate our region’s agricultural strengths whilst also providing a testing ground for our local producers to trial a retail element to their business at no cost.

“This program provides the opportunity for small, medium and large producers to engage and market their produce to a targeted audience who are seeking food and produce experiences”, said Jo Podoliak, Chief Executive of RDAMR. “This is a great way to showcase what our region does best, but also provides the opportunity for businesses to test and try their produce in a retail outlet in Adelaide and gauge customer feedback”.

The program will see 30 local producers from the Murraylands and Riverland region commit to taking part in the 3-week programme, these include producers of fruit and nuts, wine, gin, juice, wild native greens, dukka, gourmet chocolates, honey, jams, syrups, spreads, cider, coffee, and non-traditional meats including emu.

Local producers will have the opportunity to spend time to promote and profile their product, provide tastings or take part in produce demonstrations. There is no cost or time commitments required from producers to take part in the initiative.

We would encourage local's who are visiting Adelaide over the period to visit the Adelaide Central markets and check out the Murraylands and Riverland producers in Residence stall over the program period. See the schedule of tastings, Producers in Residence and cooking demonstrations here.

As part of this initiative a Regional Producers Map has been developed and will be provided to those that attend the stand. The aim is to help people identify with the region by highlighting the producers that are involved in the program, their produce and their location. 


For further information or assistance contact RDAMR on 8535 7170.