Our Roadmap

The Murraylands & Riverland Regional Roadmap 2013-2016 was accepted by our Board in June 2013. The Regional Roadmap establishes, at a strategic level, many of the regional development opportunities and challenges for the Murraylands Riverland region. The Roadmap identifies the aspirations of our community for our future.

Development of the 2013-2016 Roadmap involved feedback from over 200 stakeholders . The consultation process included the hosting of nine Regional Economic Forums, an online survey, personal feedback from the community as well as communication with key regional bodies on their plans for the future of our region.

The Roadmap is then used by the RDA, as well as government and stakeholders, in planning and developing our region.

The Roadmap is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it contains the latest data from across the region.

Download the Current RDA Murraylands and Riverland Roadmap PDF