Pilot Social Impact Study of changes in water availability below Lock 1 in SA

The primary aims of the Water Planning Tools (WPT) project are to help communities and governments meet the challenges of water planning by building knowledge and skills in government agencies, and informing policy making at national and state levels. The WPT project is working with communities and planning agencies in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory to develop ‘water planning tools’ that can be adapted to suit local conditions, and that will enable better planning and management of Australia’s water resources.

The South Australian case study has been undertaken on the River Murray Prescribed Watercourse Planning area in collaboration with the South Australian Murray Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board (SAMDBNRM Board).  The objectives of the River Murray case study were to:

  • support water allocation planning in the SA River Murray prescribed watercourse to comply with the principles of the National Water Iniative and relevant provisions of the (Cwealth) and the (SA)
  • collaborate with the Department of Water Land and Biodiversity Conservation and the South Australian Natural Resource Management Board in the design and delivery of the trial of tools and to conduct the case study in an open and transparent manner
  • review the water plan and plan making process and identify gaps in which innovative deliberative tools could be trialled to enhance capacity within the agency
  • trial tools that are tailored to the issues and are time and resource responsive
  • use tools which build social learning and are engaging and participatory
  • evaluate the tool trials and reflect on their usefulness and value in terms of water allocation planning broadly and the principles of the water planning tools project specifically

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